Bigg Boss 11: Bani J Slams Hina Khan For Her Indecent Remarks On Gauahar Khan

amrit raj December 2, 2017

Criticism is not a new thing for popular actress Hina Khan, especially since she has participated in Bigg Boss 11. Popular TV actress has been receiving lots of flakes from fans as well as several celebrities. The actress landed herself in trouble once again, all thanks to a video going viral on social media and internet. In the video, Hina can be seen saying that she has more followers than Gauahar Khan on social media. In the same video, she also demeaned Dangal actress Sakshi Tanwar.

Hina Khan

Hina Khan has been receiving lots of criticism for the statement from most of the celebrity barring few of her friends. Geeta Phogat did come in support of Hina Khan and asked people to not make a huge issue out of it.

However, former Bigg Boss contestant Bani J has come out in support of Gauahar and slammed Hina Khan. She trolled Hina Khan in the best way possible.

Recently, Gauahar Khan has also slammed Hina with A Tweet that reads, “Acchaii aur tameez toh seekhi nahi, math karna seekha hota toh aaj jhoote ghamand me aake kahi gayi baat pe log itna haste nahi..Lol!!! Allah sabko tarakki de…. Ameen!! Ghamand be aaj tak kisi ka kuch bhalaa nahi kiya.. sakshi tanwar u are beautiful”

Her friend Bani J replied to this Tweet saying, “Umm I’m not watching this season as y’all know but I keep hearing about it +I just wanna take a moment to say smthng we all already know, you can’t touch @GAUAHAR_KHAN. You can’t reach where she’s at. So don’t bother hating, just sit back and appreciate. Spectate don’t speculate”

Gauahar thanked Bani for her kind support. She replied,

Bani trolled Hina without even mentioning her name. Tell us your thoughts in the comments section down below. Stay tuned for more Bigg Boss 11 news.