Bigg Boss 10: Gauahar Khan Questions Salman Khan Over Bani And Lopa’s Fight!

Bigg Boss 10 is synonymous to troubles and fights. The last week too, we witnessed a physical fight in the show between Lopamudra Raut and VJ Bani. They too had an ugly fight which was finally gotten under control by fellow housemates.  The fight happened during the Call Center task in the house. After this incident, Bigg Boss didn’t punish anyone and it was expected that Salman will punish them. But, on this weekend ka vaar too, Salman didn’t go deep into the issue and slammed VJ Bani for it. On this, VJ Bani’s friend Gauahar Khan has questioned Salman Khan and his unfair decision for Bani.

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Gauahar Khan, who is the winner of Bigg Boss 7 and also Bani’s close friend, questions the justice of Salman Khan over VJ Bani-Lopamudra fight. Gauahar said that Salman Khan raised the topic and his voice and gave his piece of advice to both the contestants. Well, it was clear that Salman Khan did not give Bani J a chance the explain whereas Lopamudra was given her fair-share if time and chance to put forward her clear points and explainations. This is what made VJ Bani’s friend Gauahar unhappy and so she tweeted,

“I’m glad Bani gracefully accepted where she was wrong!! Sadly the other party only knew how to conveniently forget all the dirt thrown by her.”

Gauahar Khan felt that the entire topic became one sided.

The incident had happened last week during the Call center task, at which Lopamudra was playing the character of a caller and VJ Bani was the customer executive. During that time, Lopamudra called her and instigated Bani J to such an extent that infuriated her. As the task demands that the customer must make the executive angry and if the call gets dropped, the customer gets points. At that time, Lopamudra says to Bani that she had always taken her Mother’s name to garner sympathy in the house. This made Bani angry and she hit Lopa with all her physical strength.  Even though the housemates tried to stop the fight but to no avail, the fight went on and go all the more ugly. But, atlast the fight came to a halt and the housemates intervened further. 


Overall, VJ Bani’s friend wasn’t happy with this unfair justice against Bani at the weekend ka vaar.

What are your thoughts about Gauahar Khan’s On Bani and Lopa fight? do let us know in the comments section below.

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