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Bigg Boss 10- Is This Celebrity Confirmed As Contestant?

 Salman-Khan-3.jpgWell, the confirmed list of the show is yet to be out but it seems, we already have our first celebrity contestant. Also, fans have another reason to rejoice, want to know what it is? Still the list o the show has yeat to come, it is said that VJ Bani has been approached for the show. VJ Bani who hit the internet, after being body shamed for her muscular body, has been approached for the show. Let’s hope for the best, we hope that VJ Bani should make to the show.

 CskJAWHXYAAlb7P.jpgWhile weekdays episodes will be telecast at 10:30 PM, our superstar host Salman Khan will come at 9 PM on Saturday and Sunday. The regular episodes will begin from October 17, Monday-Friday at 10: 30 PM.

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