Bigg Boss 10: These 4 Contestants Nominated For This Week’s Eviction!

Bigg Boss 10 is certainly entertaining us in a big way and this week there will be more drama stored in the house. Recently, we have updated you about the wild card entrants and their one on one battle with the housemates. We also revealed you that, Bigg Bigg will give them a serious task and the looser will be nominated for this week. Well, the task was actually a difficult one in which two housemates and two wild card entrants got evicted.
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In this Dome task, wild card entry Elena Kazan challenged Nitibha, Sahil challenges Rahul Dev, Priyanka Jagga challenges Bani, and Jason Shah challenged Gaurav. In this challenge, the wild card entrant has to be in the small dome with their challenging contestant. The task was to be in the small size dome as long as possible. It was a difficult task as the dome is small enough to fit for the two.

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