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Believe It Or Not! Sonam Kapoor Wishes to go Bald

Hair being one of the major weaknesses of women, they are obsessed with it. It feels shocking, especially to hear it from an actress’s mouth that she would love to go bald. Now this is curiosity!

Sonam Kapoor

It seems that Sonam Kapoor has never gone back with the thought of going bald. She was asked twice to go bald by different directors. The glamorous actress was approached by two top directors, Om Prakash Mehra and Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Well, now this makes sense to us. For successful directors like them, who would not want to say YES! It is a sad this for her that despite her convincing approach, the movies never happened. As per the sources, one of the movies that demanded her to be bald was Mirziya.

Sonam Kapoor Bald

A sizzling and sensational actress, Sonam, who has always been known for her fashion and style statement is always sporty to try new challenges in her career life. It is unfortunate that she isn’t getting the right type of break in this industry. A few words shared by Sonam were; “To me, being beautiful is about inner beauty and inner strength.”

I personally love her looks and style. Once an actress goes bald for a movie, it will take a long gap for her to take another movie that involves glamor. It is because baldness will change her entire look. Well, we just hope that any bold decision take by Sonam for her career proves to be right for her. At present, she seems to be more than excited to promote her brother, Harshvardhan Kapoor, for his upcoming movie release. We are sure that Anil Kapoor must be really proud to have such wonderful kids, who are super talented, gorgeous, good looking, and humble.

Sonam and bro

On this note, we wish the brother and sister, all the best for their future endeavors.

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