Bairavaa Tamil Movie Review


Tamil Superstar Vijay’s action flick Bairavaa released today. Being a Vijay film, one thing was mandatory and that was action. Bairava does conform to the expectations and what we have is a potboiler masala action film with Vijay in the messiah role who eliminates all evil in the end with more action than logic. There is just the right amount of masala and love pickled with action sequences essential for a Vijay movie. Actress Keerti Suresh is spot on with her magnetic smile and potential acting.

The Story: Bairavaa deals with a mafia that targets the medical college students and disrupts the working of the honest men involved in functioning of the medical services. Vijay’s character involves himself in the matter when his love interest Keerti faces obstacles in fulfilling her dreams of becoming a doctor. Seeing her plight, he goes to investigates and unfolds the corrupt practices associated with this field. What follows is Vijay tracking an entire mafia involved in unethical work in this field. So what happens next is left for imagination. Vijay will uncover the villain and will take him to his nemesis but not before he shows great action in style.

Performances: Vijay has a section of the audience who follows him and this film caters exactly to them. Vijay pulls off the show on his shoulder entirely given that the story is quite predictable and ordinary. His rather expressionless face comes alive in love scenes. His anger and vengeance is intense. Even without a dialogue he emotes very powerfully.

Keerthy Suresh has improved since her last film. She is the right blend of beauty and skillful acting. As a medical student, she does look a girl next door but she gains control in her intense scenes. She is a complete Vijay actress package with her share of songs and dance sequences but she is surely more than just eye candy in the film. Other actors like Sathish, Papri Ghosh and Daniel Balaji too are high potential actors who have done justice to their roles in the film.

Direction and Music: Bairavaa is Bharathan’s fourth film with Vijay. While the direction is almost flawless what the viewers will notice is that the story line and action is quite repetitive. There is a lack of charm in the story and the audience feels they have seen it before.

Music director Santhosh Narayan has done a great work with songs like Pattaya Kelappu, Nillayo, Papa Papa. Music does meet the expectations.

Being a big banner film, it has been released in almost 50 countries worldwide. A high number of theatres are going to run the show. What will follow is a whopping collection sum. But inside India, a lot will depend upon the word of mouth of the film. As per the audience response till now, it seems to be an average film with mediocre rating. Except that the film has good action sequences and catchy songs and great chemistry between the actors, especially the lead actors, there is nothing to stand out in Bairavaa.

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