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B-Town Stars Reacts On Rs. 10 Crore Bounty For Beheading Deepika Padukone

Padmavati is one of the most anticipated films in the history of Indian cinema. Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s magnum opus has been facing the wrath of some groups. The movie has been surrounded by problems ever since the shooting started. The movie was slated to release on December 1st, but it looks like that is not going to be possible. The makers of the film have voluntarily decided to push the release date of Padmavati.

The makers and the actors are receiving lots of threats from various members of some groups. Now, it looks like it has taken its toll, as the release date of the movie has been pushed to an indefinite date.

Earlier, someone has announced Rs. 5 Crore bounty for someone, who would behead Deepika Padukone, the leading lady of Padmavati. If that was not enough, someone else is offering Rs. 10 Crore bounty on the same. The person is none other than a BJP office-bearer from Haryana Surajpal Amu. He even said that he would break Ranveer Singh’s legs.

After these threats to the makers and actors of Padmavati, Bollywood celebs have come out in support of Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Check out the reactions of B-Town celebs, right here.

It is very sad. The issue has taken a whole new turn. We wonder what will happen next. Will the movie get release smoothly or it will face some problems?

Tell us your thoughts in the comment section down below. Stay tuned for more updates on Padmavati.

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