Associate Produced by Shahroz Ali Khan, ‘Milo Na Tum’, sung by Gajendra Verma, featuring Tina Ahuja (Govinda’s daughter) has caught millions of eyes in the industry

During a conversation, the 32-year-old associate producer said, “This project, ‘Milo Na Tum’ has reached the heights beyond expectations.

Now that the music video is super hit in the industry, I plan to work more on such projects like remakes in future. The video was shot in Dubai and I have always loved the place because I have spent years there and that is one of the reasons why this song is always going to be close to my heart.”
Shahroz, hailing from Aligarh, is also an entrepreneur with a create mind and wants to bring outstanding content in Bollywood industry. Khan has been a part of various projects including ‘Hollywood Wale Nakhre’, featuring Sunny Leone, ‘Mushil’, featuring Kunal Roy Kapoor and Rajniesh Duggall.
“All of my projects, except for ‘Milo Na Tum’ which is shot in Dubai, are shot in Europe because of all the wonderful locations that are there and also to present mesmerising visuals.”
Shahroz production house is now coming up with the label ‘Big Bat Music’ which will be for the recreations of old Bollywood songs.
The associate producer is now all set to release his upcoming film ‘Kya Masti Kya Dhoom’.

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