Ashish Yadav a young entrepreneur being the top online mobile accessories seller of the year becomes the most popular gadget supplier of bollywood

Ashish Yadav from Udaipur Rajasthan at the age of 17 started his inventory by investing 14lakhs creating a site named ‘Trybhi’.

Ashish designed a website in where mobile accessories from all across the world would be available at a reasonable price.
Generating a business in e-commerce Ashish at such a young age happened to grow strong and firm in his field.

Having a number of hurdles in this field and tremendous competition Ashish Yadav left no stone unturned in order to achieve his goals. Working 18hrs a day with no social life Ashish has reached a level where in no entrepreneur at that age could conquer.

Today Ashish Yadav at the age of 17 has a vast range of accessories and a number of buyers online with tremendous growing business and revenue generation.

A birdie informed us about this young entrepreneurs latest investment guess what is it related to? Nothing but Bollywood. That’s right! Ashish soon will be pitching the b’town market for the gadget supplies.

Having to be popular in the country this magnate has no stopping as his expansion towards business continues and this time has knocked the doors of bollywood to blow them away will his business skills and rocking deals one cannot refuse.

The ideas and execution coming from Ashish Yadav are truly extraordinary hence the young gunner has achieved so much in a short time span.

Apart from being a business magnate Ashish Yadav is a travel junkie and loves to roam around places. It’s his belief that having to be an entrepreneur he gets an opportunity to travel a lot being it’s perks. Following his passion and making it into a career.

Ashish soon will be grossing the top high end businessmen to provide luxuries and latest gadgets to Bollywood celebs. Bollywood being a hub for trying new technologies and being one short cut source for mass promotions Ashish the mastermind will be providing his brilliance to the b’town world and to the celebs who are ‘gadget savvy’ Well! We just can’t wait for this upcoming Venture.

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