Arjun Rampal Blames Demonetization For Rock On 2 Failure!

When asked about Narendra Modi’s demonetization move, he said, “I think that in the long term, this decision is going to be good for our country. The move has shaken those people who are involved in the black money business. In future, people will keep their money in banks and pay tax. Thus, the interest rates will drop. I think the quality of life is going to be better.”

When he was questioned about his upcoming flick Kahaani 2, he added, I can assure you that we have made a very good film. Sujoy, Vidya, and the entire cast have really worked hard. We are trying to raise the bar. The audience should go and watch with family because there are wonderful things to discuss. I keep my fingers crossed for things to become better for people to go and watch the movie. Save your money and watch Kahaani 2.”

Directed by Sujoy Ghosh, the mystery thriller film is set to hit the theaters on December 2.