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Arijit Singh Seeks Apology From Salman And Urge Not To Remove His Song From Sultan

Bollywood Top rated singer Arijit Singh seems like having a hard day now. The latest we heard that, he seeks an apology from Salman by messaging him several times and now we also got to know that he took to social media for an open letter to Salman. Now the question is what went wrong with Arijit Singh? Why is he seeking sorry from Sultan Actor?


Here’s the truth! In of the recent event, When Arijit met Salman, The Bhaijaan asked him, Why you are feeling looking sleepy? In return, Arijit replied, it was your hosting Salman. On this, Salman pointed him by saying it’s you song ‘Tum Hi Ho’ which made everyone sleepy. This is what a source told us about the main reason why Salman is a bit angry with Arjit.


Here are the excerpts from Arijit Singh open letter to Salman, which he posted on Facebook. “Dear Mr. Salman Khan This is the last way I thought I would speak to you. I have been trying to text you call you and do everything possible to tell you that you are mistaken about the fact that I insulted you. I never did. That night in the show it was the wrong time and wrong aura. Nevertheless, you felt insulted. And I understood and I felt extremely sorry about it as me and my family have been your fan since long. I tried to explain so many times but you never got it. I apologized but you never got it. How many times I sent you apology texts you also know,” he wrote.

“At Nita Ji’s place I only came back to apologize to you but you didn’t get it. No problem I apologize here In front of everyone but please it is a request. Please do not remove the song that I sang for you in sultan…, “the singer ends.

Arijit Deleted Facebook Post:


It seems like Salman is in a mood to remove Arijit Singh song version of ‘Dil Royaan’ from the movie ‘Sultan’. Now, let’s see what Salman has to say about the ‘Ashuiqui 2’ singer on this issue.


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