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Arijit Singh: I Am Saying Sorry To Salman From Last 3 Years

One of the soulful singers of Bollywood, Arijit Singh has been in the dark shadows from quite a while now. The reason is, he unintentionally hurt Dabangg Salman Khan in one of the musical events and he still regrets that mistake from the core of his heart. Recently, he opened his heart out and posted an open letter to Salman on Facebook for seeking an apology in front of his social fans. In the latest interview with Mumbai Mirror, Arijit revealed that he is saying sorry to Salman from last three years.

Arijit said, “When he hugged me on the stage, I apologised in his ear and went back. The same night I texted him a “sorry“ and followed it up with a long apology note. He replied in the morning with a rebuke and advised me on how to behave. But he added that he was okay, which made me happy and relieved. It was only later that I realised he wasn’t. I have been apologising for almost three years now.”


The whole thing has started with a joke. In 2014, Arijit Singh and Salman Khan was a part of an entertainment award event. At the backstage, Arijit was sleeping due to tiredness of long work day. So that time Arijit walked on the stage in a casual outfit to receive an award from Salman. No, this is not the reason. Hold the horses, please! Then, in a funny way Salman asked him what happened, why you are so sleepy. In return, Arijit responded by saying “you guys put me to sleep.” Well, he realised that he did a mistake but it was all over since then.


Till now, Arijit is living his life with the guilt that he hurt the ‘Sultan‘ star Salman Khan. Arijit was also revealed that Salman wants to remove his version of song ‘Dil Royaan’ from ‘Sultan’. On this, Mirror informed that it’s not Salman’ call at all, everything is in director and producers hand and Salman has no involvement in it.

The news we heard that the Makers didn’t want to release an official statement on this and the topic is not issue oriented. Well, we just wish the things will be settled between the two.

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