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Anubhav Sinha Willing To Pay To Block Arnab ‘ s Republic TV, The Internet Can ‘ t Keep Calm

Media is called the fourth pillar of democracy. However, if we look at the India media, it hardly seems right. There is not a single news outlet that can be regarded as not-bias. Either left or right, every news channel is catering news to suit their agenda. One of the most controversial news channels is Republic TV.

Either you hate him or love him, but you can never ignore him. Yes, you guessed it right, he is none other than Arnab Goswami. Arnab is one news anchor, who is more known for his shouting and shutting down his guests rather than having a normal discussion. He also enjoys a huge fan following along and there are many who don’t like him. There are several people, who don’t like Arnab for various reasons.

Anubhav Sinha is one of the finest filmmakers in Bollywood, who is also pretty vocal about his political views. Now, he has said that he said that he is ready to pay to block Arnab’s Republic TV.

Anubhav Sinha took to Twitter to express how willing he is to pay Airtel to block Republic TV. He tweeted, “Dear @airtelindia I know it comes for free but can I please pay you monthly for blocking @republic on my set top box??? Please???”

This Is How Netizens Reacted:











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