Another Controversy Added To Sultan – Salman Khan and Anushka Sharma In Obligation


Sultan has made a historic epic in terms of its collections. At the same time, the movie has been in the limelight for many controversies. As we all know by now that Anushka Sharma and Salman Khan have acted really well in the movie, but it seems they won’t be able to enjoy their success with one more controversy added to it.


On one side where critics have appreciated Salman as Sultan and Anushka as Aarfa, there is one critic who is criticizing both to have cheated on him. Mohammad Sabir Ansari from Muzaffarpur recently filed a legal complaint against Salman and Anushka along with the makers of the movie.


Sabir, who is also known as Sabir Baba, informed the legal authorities that Salman promised to pay him 20 Crores as loyalty token for the story made on his life. He also added by saying that Salman heard his entire autobiography in 2010, and promised to pay him if the movie is ever made based on his life story.


The case will be in its hearing today and the next hearing date is scheduled to be on 26th July 2016. The statement is filed against cheating, dishonesty, and criminal breach of various sections mentioned such as 420, 406, 504, and 506.


So far, none of the crew members have responded to this statement, but people are waiting to hear what the Sultan team has to say. Every time, Salman is out with a movie, the controversies start floating in. We are sure like always Salman will face this as well very strongly and act rationally on this legal issue.

According to us, it just seems to be a topic to link a controversial history with the movie Sultan. Keep reading FilmyMantra to get more news and latest updates on Bollywood film personalities.



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