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Ankita Lokhande Abused Sushant Singh Rajput Which Turned Into A Break-up!

Bollywood celebrities are often finding it difficult to hold their relationships for the long term. Relationships in the B-town is more of like changing dresses every day. We all are versed with the news of Ankita Lokhande and Sushant Singh Rajput break-up but we hardly knew the reason about it. Lately, according to an uncover report, it is claimed that the break-up reason was a brawl between the two in the party.


Ankita and Sushant had a good tuning since their television days. Their show and their love stories were the talk of the town in those days. They even shared an apartment in their long term relations. The two of them looks complete together. Soon their marriage rumours started churning up and it was believed that they will marry soon. But seems like the fate has something else stored for them. Soon their relationship feelings turn sour and they were separated.

Ankita and Sushant’s sudden separation has eventually shocked their fans. Though the reasons were not opened up by both of them but lately a close source has opened his heart out about their unfortunate break-up. According to a report published in Spotboye, The source said, “Ankita does have a drinking problem and Sushant had been getting a bit too close for comfort with females, some of who are even celebrities. It was one helluva fight, very ugly, very crass. The two just didn’t stop, especially Ankita whose temper had hit the ceiling. Sushant loves to drink too. And if both are drunk at the same time, you can imagine what a tamasha lies in store if they end up fighting, which is exactly what happened that night.” The whole incident took place at one of a filmmaker’s party.

To put a lid on the rumours and the report, lately Sushant Singh Rajput denied all the news which is serious tweet.


Well looks like Sushant didn’t want to blame anyone for anything and just wants to focus on his films.

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