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American Made Fun Of Indian Toilets For The Water Hose, Got Trolled Back Massively

Twitter is a funny place. Nowadays, sarcasm is one of the most commonly used forms of humor. It is one form of comedy that can go over anyone’s head pretty easily. Recently, an American reality TV celebrity Dean Michael Unglert made fun of Indian toilets, which has left everyone confused.

Dean Michael took to Twitter to share a picture of an Indian bathroom, which shows a water hose beside the commode. He tweeted the picture with a caption that reads,

“I love how bathrooms here have this water hose next to the toilet incase you get thirsty while in the restroom”

This Is What He Tweeted:

In case you can’t see the picture clearly, check it down below.

Dean’s tweet was sarcastic or ignorant, it is hard to judge. But, that doesn’t mean our netizens would leave him so easily. People have reacted to the same in the most hilarious way possible. These tweets are dangerously funny. Don’t believe us, scroll down and see for yourself.

That’s seriously funny, isn’t it?

The standard and way of living are different for every human based on where they are from. What is normal for us, they consider it shocking. What’s normal for them is shocking for us.

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