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Alia Bhatt’s Mother Soni Razdan SLAMMED Haters For Calling Her British Citizen When She Urged People To Vote

Lok Sabha Elections 2019 started on April 11 and will continue till May 19 next month. The result will be declared on May 23, which will decide if we’ll get a new Prime Minister of PM Modi will continue his second term. In order to encourage people for voting, almost everyone from Bollywood urging people to cast their vote this election, as it is their right as well as a duty towards the nation. One such celebrity is Alia Bhatt’s mother Soni Razdan. Soni Razdan took to Twitter to urge people to vote while sharing pictures of a person named Junaid asking them to remember him who lost his life because he was Muslim.

However, this attachment from Soni Razdan is completely untrue, as Court had already stated that Junaid died due to his fight in the train that happened over an argument about seat sharing. Many people slammed her for spreading fake news. Kangana Ranaut’s sister Rangoli also slammed Alia’s mother for spreading fake news.

Soni Razdan once again tweeted urging people to cast their vote. She tweeted, “Urging people to vote against hate has nothing to do with citizenship and everything to do with being a human being. We are all human beings first and citizens of the world we live in. Secularism and democratic principles are values and it’s those that I stand for. #VoteOutHate”

However, this time Netizens are not too happy with it. They objected to the fact that she is a British citizen and can’t vote in India. Twitterati started trolling her like never before. One of the trolls said that she has no right to preach as she is a British Citizen. The tweet reads,

“Get lost British citizen …u have no place in India to preach.”

Soni Razdan gave a perfect reply to the troll and tweeted, “I do actually. My father is Indian. Lived in India since I was 3 months old. Pay taxes. Hold an Overseas Citizen of India card. If my hard earned income is good enough to be used to better this nation then I have a right to voice my opinions too. #VoteOutHate”

Any thoughts, folks!

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