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Ali Zafar gives the Antidote for Taher Shah’s Angel.

Ever since the Pakistani singer Taher Shah launched his second hit single, Angel, the internet exploded as tweets poured in about the song and how talented Taher is!

The Pakistani sensational singer has been dominating the internet for a few days now especially after the release of his latest song, Angel. He got trolled as all the jokes and jibes against him were mostly centered on his song Angel.

Now, a few days after Angel’s online release, the actor-singer-composer Ali Zafar decided to come up with his version of the song deciding to come up with a completely unexpected take on it. The actor uses his baritone sexy voice and charm to read out the same lyrics that sounded hilarious in the earlier version to sound as if something beautiful is being read out of Macbeth or a book of English literature. That too with all seriousness, a straight face and vocal timbre full of emotions. Since then the Internet seems to have exploded with the video getting .5 million hits and lots of responses poured just in a few hours of Ali posting it on his facebook page.

In their responses, people have also mentioned that if Ali would have sung the original song, it would have been a major hit.

While sharing his version of Angel on Twitter, Ali wrote, “Lived through ‘Eye to eye’. Couldn’t resist this. My rendition of the Angel.”

Seems like after watching Ali’s Version of Angel, Taher’s video almost looks like a parody.

Here is the link to two videos.Watch on your own and tell us what’s your thought on the same !

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