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Al Jazeera Claims Three Test Matches Of Indian Team Including Karun Nair ‘ s Triple Ton Were Fixed!

A documentary made by Al Jazeera claimed that three Test matches featuring Indian Cricket team were fixed in last two year. The News channel used “Sources” to carry out their sting operation in exposing the match-fixing in Cricket matches. The channel has released some footage about the same confirming their claims. Interestingly, the connection in ICC was also used to fix the matches.

Al Jazeera exposed a fixer named Aneel Munawar belonging to D-Company, who gives bribes to International Cricketers to underperform in the matches. In the secretly-recorded meeting, Munawar explains how match-fixing were carried out. He even had correctly predicted the performance of some major international cricketers.

The man behind this bold operation is David Harrison, who exposed the match-fixing in cricket through a sting operation. He also exposed some former cricketers and curators, who were paid handsomely in order to alter the outcome. Here are some major players exposed in the operation.

3 Sri Lankan cricketers Jeevantha Kulatunga, Tharindu Mendis and Dilhara Lokuhettige along with Pakistani Cricketer Hasan Raza were involved. According to the report, the pitch was doctored to get the desired results in the given days.

The curator of Galle Stadium has admitted of doctoring the pitches. He also recalls that the match between Australia and India in 2016 was fixed where Australia lost the match in just 2 and half days. He also admitted to his contribution in the doctoring the pitch during a test match in July 2017, when India scored more than 600 runs in the first innings.

The match-fixing was exposed by a documentary titled ‘Cricket’s Match-Fixers’. The documentary clearly suggests that three Test matches featuring India were fixed. Those matches are Galle Test between Sri Lanka and India from 26th to 29th July 2017, Ranchi test match between India and Australia from 16th to 20th March 2017 and the Chennai test match between India and England from 16th to 20th December. The documentary has not mentioned any names of Indian cricketer in the spot-fixing scandal.

The investigation suggests that 3 British were involved in the fixing in Chennai test, whereas 2 Australian cricketers were responsible for the Ranchi match-fixing. Giving details about India Vs Australia Test match, the documentary suggests that those Australian batsmen scored slowly as mentioned by the bookies. Munawar has given the names of both the Australian cricketers, but it has been censored.

In the wake of this, ICC has launched an investigation in this big blow-up. Releasing an official statement, ICC said,

“We have already launched an investigation working with anti-corruption colleagues from Member countries based on the limited information we have received. We have made repeated requests that all evidence and supporting materials relating to corruption in cricket is released immediately to enable us to undertake a full and comprehensive investigation.”

Cricket Australia has also promised full co-operation in the investigation adding they’ll carry out their own investigation.

We’ll have to wait for sometimes to know how things pan out. Share your thoughts in the comment section down below.

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