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Akshay & Rohit Shetty Get Into A Fight After Rumors Came Out

Akshay Kumar and director Rohit Shetty have responded to rumors of a falling out in the filmiest manner possible. The actor-director are working together on their upcoming  action film and all of sudden the headline came ‘major fallout’. The actor tweeted a video of the two reacting to the rumors by getting into a mock fight.

Taking to social media, Akshay posted footage wherein Rohit and he can be seen getting into a fight and then falling apart.


Katrina Kaif says “breaking news, Akshay and Rohit ka fallout, see it live”. Akshay is shouting that since reports have said they have had a falling out, they have no choice but to fight. A report says that Akshay and Rohit and quoted a source as saying that they no longer speak to each other after having reached an impasse over creative differences

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