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‘Akira’ Left Its Marks On Sonakshi….Literally!!

Sonakshi Sinha does not believe in doing anything half-heartedly. So when AR Murugadoss made her Akira, the junior Shotgun jumped into the actioner with full gusto.


Sonakshi perfected martial arts, did stunts and, obviously, got hurt.

This is the picture she tweeted:

She posted the same picture on Instagram with a different caption:

Talking about her favourite co-star Akshay Kumar, known for his fondness for stunts, Sona had said earlier: “The biggest tip he (Akshay) gave me was ‘injuries se bach kay rehna’, which I wasn’t able to follow. He is a very sensible person when it comes to understanding proper form about martial arts.”


Director Murugadoss has also spoken about Akira’s physical and emotional scars. “In life, every scar that occurs on our body has a story behind it. Similarly, Akira has a past wound that has dried up and remains a scar now. The moment we see her face we should come to know that she has had a painful past. That’s why I created the scar under her eyes.”

Akira, an action-thriller will be Sonakshi’s first release after a gap of almost one-and-a-half years.

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