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Air India’s Boarding Pass Gets PM Narendra Modi’s Face On It, Airline To Withdraw It Soon

With 2019 Lok Sabha elections around the corner, all political parties have up their game and doing everything to create awareness among the voters. However, the Election Commission has already issued a notice to every political outfit, leaders, and representatives to not violate the Model Code of Conduct (MCC). As per MCC, each and every political party will have to abide by the restrictions regarding meetings, polling booths, processions, and other basic conduct.

Amidst all this, Air India is issuing boarding passes with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s picture on it. Not only PM Modi, but it also had a picture of Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani, which is a clear violation of third party advertisements. It also violates the code of conduct in the process.

Former DGP Shashi Kant took to micro-blogging platform Twitter to share the picture of the Air India boarding pass issued at New Delhi airport. He also questioned why they are having pictures of ruling party leaders. Look at his tweet down below:

When Netizens got to know about the violation of MCC, they soon started asking the airline company to withdraw this new boarding passes wearing pictures of PM Modi.

This Is How Netizens Reacted:











Air India spokesperson Dhananjay Kumar clarify on this matter and said, “The rolls seem to be ones left over from the boarding passes printed during the vibrant Gujarat Summit and the photos are third-party advertisements. It has nothing to do with Air India. However we are scrutinising if third party ads fall within the purview of the Model code of Conduct. If they do, these will be withdrawn. These boarding passes are not just for Gujarat, but are in use across India.”

What do you think?

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