Adah Sharma BASHES A Fan Who Forced Her To Kiss Him In Public


Adah Sharma who made Bollywood debut with 2008 Hindi language horror film 1920, which was a box office success, stay away from the controversial limelight. Actress is known for a calm and composed nature in person. Recently while interacting with her fans on twitter, a male fan asked Adah Sharma for a kiss. Adah refused to do so as she explained that she won’t be comfortable doing so. The online fan further justified  the kiss saying as she had locked lips in her films, why not plant a peck on the cheek of her fans? But such creepy reply made Adah Sharma BASHES on her online fan. She blurted out all her anger in series of tweets.
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Starting with Adah mentioned that in all these years she never had a outburst, but as she was been insulted for not giving a harmless kiss, she has been provoked to say it out. Se questioned her so-called creepy fan that who is to decide whom she should kiss. She went on saying that It’s totally her choice whom she’ll kiss and where she’ll kiss, it’s none of his business. In a series of tweet she also said that if any guy who meets her for the first time and ask for kiss on any part of his body, she will not spare him and he’ll surely get one of her precise punch.

Her tweets read as:

Well said Adah! The one who behave like this, really need a piece of mind. What are your views about this Harmless kiss an online fan asked for from Adah Sharma? Write your views in comment section below. Stay tuned with us for all latest Bollywood news and gossips.