This Actor Of ‘Gadar’ Lost His Life Due To Weight Loss Surgery!

Do you remember Jaspal Bhatti’s other half of the popular TV show ‘Flop Show’? No? Well, let us give you one more hint. The actor was also seen in the blockbuster hit ‘Gadar’. He was Vivek Shauq who played the role of Sunny Deol’s on-screen friend in the movie. He made people laugh not only on television but also in big screens.Actually, Vivek desperately wanted to be slim and for this, he went under the knives. After few months of the surgery, his health started to deteriorate and within few weeks he took his last breath on 11th January 2011.It is said that Vivek died due to cardiac arrest. Also after his death, the cause of his death was said to be due to cardiac arrest. But now the actual cause of Vivek’s death has come out. On 3rd January 2011, Vivek went to a hospital in Thane for the ‘Liposuction’ (slim surgery) surgery. But after two hours of the surgery, his health condition turned worse and he went into the coma. After staying one week in the coma, Vivek breathed his last.

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