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AbRam Turns 3 Today, Birthday Celebration Done At 30000 Ft In the Air

Bollywood’s youngest superstar AbRam Khan is currently celebrating her 3rd Birthday with the whole family in a grand way. Shah Rukh Khan who always roam along with AbRam has celebrated the lad’s birthday in a special style. While returning from a Trip to London, SRK has celebrated AbRam’s birthday in the plane along with Suhana.

Shah Rukh Khan, who always takes his son everywhere from the Cricket ground to the Shooting schedule, has posted the cute AbRam picture on the social media. In the Photo, you can see him eating chips and star at her sister elder sister Suhana.

Shah Rukh Khan has the plan to celebrate his birthday with the whole family after getting down in Mumbai. We just, wish to see some other pictures of AbRam as he is our nex-gen superstar now. We wish a Very Happy Birthday to the cutest AbRam.

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