Abhishek Bachchan REVEALS the reason behind quitting his acting career for 2 years!


Abhishek Bachchan is making a comeback in the Bollywood Industry with the movie Manmarziyaan! The actor was on a break from Bollywood despite that the last 3 movies that he did were super hits: Dhoom 3, Happy New Year and Housefull 3! On the occasion of release of his movie Manmarziyaan, Abhishek Bachchan reveals as to why he choose quitting acting career and went for a 2 years break from the Bollywood Industry!


Abhishek Bachchan holds himself responsible for getting too comfortable and having no fear if the movie didn’t go well! He says he had gone into the comfort zone of thinking that it was somebody else’s movie and even if he didn’t give his 100 percent, it was ok! However, the realization that going into the comfort zone was wrong, made him quit acting as to work upon himself so as to get back to work once he is serious about it!

Manmarziyaan, when offered to him felt like the right thing to do as he felt it was time he made a comeback realizing the worth of his work and field!

When asked about the critical acclaim he received for his character Nandu Bhide from Happy New Year and how people still remember it. Abhishek stated,

“Nandu Bhide was a huge moment. Till date kids come up to me and say, “Nandu Bhide, Dimaag Mein Keede”. And it’s wonderful for an actor. I knew inside and I felt bad because I am immensely fond of Shah Rukh and Farah. I knew inside and the one person who always says this to me is Shah Rukh. He says, “Tu kitna achcha actor hai yaar, tu aur mehnat kar.” And I am like, “Ya, but I am doing it. People are liking what I am doing”. That is the poison. Your films are doing well, people are appreciating what you are doing but you know deep down in your heart you are not giving it your 100 per cent. Because it’s easy, I don’t have to work really hard. It’s coming. Whatever I am doing people are accepting. So, now imagine how much more I could’ve done with Nandu Bhide, had I put in that more effort, had I not been that complecent, had I pushed myself even more. So, that’s the other way to look at it. ”

Manmarziyaan stars Taapsee Pannu and Vicky Kaushal apart from Abhishek Bachchan and all three are receiving huge appreciation for their performances!