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Aamir Khan Wants Ranveer Or Ranbir To Play The Younger Role In Dangal, In Case If He Dies!

Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan has always being very choosy in terms of picking up the films. He do just one film in a year and that certainly rake the moolah at the Box-Office. Over the years, Aamir’s one movie per year formula has worked and now people respect him as a great actor. In a recent interview to GQ India, Aamir Khan shares a lot about his thoughts on films and also reveals why he want Ranveer or Ranbir to play his younger version of ‘Dangal’.


When Asked About Aamir Khan and his success movies formula? He says “I don’t know,” he sighs. “People always used to think I was crazy. When I did Lagaan, everyone said sports films wouldn’t work in India, period films wouldn’t work in India, and there I was in a dhoti, speaking a dialect that’s not even Hindi” — plus the thing clocked in at 3 hours and 42 minutes — “and I was saying, ‘It may be a disaster, but I just love it and I want to do it.’” Lagaan turned out to be one of the biggest hits of 2001 in India. It won a National Award for Best Popular Film, was nominated for an Oscar, and Time ranked it as one of the 25 best sports movies of all-time.


“One time,” he recalls, “years ago, my sister called me up and said, ‘So have you signed any films?’ Because, in my family they keep joking how I don’t do any work — and I said, ‘Yes, in fact, I have.’ And she was like, ‘Wow! Which film is it?’ And I said ‘It’s the fifth remake of Bhagat Singh and (Chandrashekar) Azad.’ Now, this was a story that had been told four times already that past year, the last of which had just released two months before, and none of them had worked. And my sister said, ‘You gotta be kidding me.’” Rang De Basanti became the highest grossing Indian film in its opening weekend for 2006, received a National Film Award, and won Best Film from IIFA and Filmfare. “Now I think people have reached a point where they say, ‘Maybe he knows what he’s doing.’”


When asked about Aamir’s method acting technique, he said, “I don’t even know what method acting is,” he jokes. “I never had a formal education in acting. I come from a film family. My father was a producer and my uncle was one of the leading film-makers of his time. So I grew up with films being made around me. My earliest memory is being seven, when I started sitting in when the writers and directors would come pitch stories to my father. I would just sit in a corner and listen to those stories, I must have heard hundreds, all these film ideas, from when I was seven to when I was about 15.”


“I’ve learned filmmaking by watching the whole process unfolding in front of me, ever since I was a child. A lot of people who aren’t from a film background or have not been to film school, they may not understand editing, for example. But for me, I used to watch it happening. I mean, even now I’m learning, but a lot of my learning in the early stages came by making mistakes, by making an ass of myself. So no, I’m not a method actor. For some reason, the Indian media calls me that, I don’t know why,” added Aamir.



When asked about his fears related to his film’s future, he said, “I am always scared a film won’t turn out the way we want. I stress over small things, like something in the schedule going for a toss. And I always have this worry, ‘What if I die? What if I get injured really badly when the whole film is dependent on me?’ So, typically, towards the end of a shoot, I write a note to people around me that says, ‘If I die, these are the things I want ideally to happen…’, whether it’s creative or connected to the release,” he says. “Anything can happen, life is unpredictable. So for Dangal, with these five months off between shoots, I told Nitesh, ‘If anything happens to me, everything is still on. You just have to cast a younger Mahavir and you’ll still have the film.’ Varun, Shahid — any actor would like to do it. Ranveer? Maybe Ranbir?



Aamir Khan has spoken a lot about his fears and fortune, we just wish that he do entertain years in the near future with the same enthusiasm.



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