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Aamir Khan : Perfectionist In All His Avatars!

Aamir Khan, known as the Mr. Perfectionist of Bollywood industry believes in immersing himself in every film that he does, which also includes changing his looks according to the character he portrays on the silver screen. He has showcased his immense talent through the dedication and hard work he puts into his work both on and off screen. The different kinds of roles he has played, be it Bhuvan in Lagaan or a humanoid alien in PK, it shows how versatile he is. Well in order to perfect the role he plays, Aamir experiments with his looks for which he has been appreciated by his fans and critics as well.


Here are some films in which Aamir transformed his looks in order to give a special touch to the character he played on screen :

Lagaan :

Aamir played the role of a boy from a small village in Lagaan. Keeping aside the glamour quotient, Aamir donned a simple look of a rural dweller and made Bhuvan look perfect on screen.

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