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A Martyred Army Officer’s Daughter Recalls Her Father’s Words And Talks About What Army Means

Army personnel has the toughest job anyone can ever imagine. They do their duties with the utmost honesty and respect. Some of them even give their life for the country without any hesitation. Their dedication and courage need to be applauded and appreciated. They deserve our respect. Today, we’ll tell you what Army really means in the word of a daughter of a martyred officer.

Major Akshay Girish was martyred on November 29, 2016, and was mourned by his young daughter and family members. Two years post that incident, his mother Meghna Girish took to Twitter to share a video featuring their baby girl recalling a conversation she had with her father. She shared the video with a message that reads,

“A year after Akshay’s martyrdom, Naina recollects conversations with her papa.

Here she teaches us what ‘Army is…’

This random video captures innocence and faith.

Love is an emotion.

Her papa’s love for the Army and Countrymen also stays within her.

Jai Hind. @adgpi”

Watch The Video:

The little girl talks about what the Army meant to her saying that the army was meant to fight bad uncles. Her father taught her this. She says,

“Army is to help us not get afraid. Army is some who does Jai Hind to everyone,”

This video is so touching that it will leave you in tears. We can’t even imagine what an Army’s family has to go through. Look at what people are saying about this.











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