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A Man ordered Food From Swiggy In Chennai, But His Order Was Picked Up From Rajasthan

Several online service providers have made our life easy, as we can get almost anything delivered to our doorsteps. From foods to the grocery to clothes, we can get anything at our doorstep on time. Among these food delivery services are the most popular ones.

Several delivery applications are running food delivery services and all of them are trying their best to deliver food to its customers in time. They try their best to satisfy customers but they sometimes end up making mistakes like delivering wrong items to the customers or order getting delayed. However, they are trying to minimize these mistakes as much as they can.

Recently, Swiggy took delivering food to its customer too far, literally. They tried to deliver food worth Rs. 138 from Rajasthan to Chennai. Yes, you read absolutely right!

A Twitter user who goes by the name Bhargav Rajan ordered food from Swiggy from a nearby restaurant in Chennai. However, he was shocked to see his order being picked up from Rajasthan and the delivery boy was on-route to deliver his food in Chennai from Rajasthan.

This Is What Customer Tweeted:

Swiggy also gave him the wittiest reply saying that they’ll surely look into the matter. Look at the reply from Swiggy:

Twitterati is amazed at this, as they shower praise at Swiggy for their incredible service. Look at some of the reactions down below.











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