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A Girl Shared Her Bathroom Selfie, Got Trolled Massively For This Huge Mistake

Nowadays, social media has become an essential parts of everyone’s day to day life. One more thing, which has become a new norm is the Selfie. Everyone seems to be obsessed with Selfies, which prove useful in almost any situation. From holiday to party to wedding to school to shopping, people take Selfie at every place. Sometimes, it gets too far, which could create some problem.

If anyone takes Selfie, it is almost certain that it will make its way to social media. Once selfies are uploaded to social media, it is visible for everyone to see it and give their opinion on the same. That’s when trolls make their entry. How can we forget troll if we are talking about social media! Sometimes people also give an open ground to the trolls, all thanks to some big blunders. Something similar happened with a Twitter user who goes by the name @Paula1Sophia.

This Is What She Tweeted:

Paula took to Twitter to share her bathroom selfie, which has become huge talking points for trolls. It gave them an open field to troll her brutally. Even her hot poses in shorts can’t save her from getting trolled for a totally different reason.

People started trolling Paula for the placement of toilet paper and the charging wire that was near the commode. Yup, they trolled Paula mercilessly for this very reason. Check out some of the comments down below.

We are pretty sure that Paula won’t make such mistakes ever again in her life.

What do you think of the same? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section down below.

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