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A Fan Proposed Raveena Tandon For Marriage. She Rejected In Epic Way

Raveena Tandon since her times has been everybody’s favorite actress! Be it her acting skills, her comic timing or be it her dance moves, she has always been receiving love from the people for all she has been! One of the finest actress of Bollywood, now turned to a socialist has been doing good on this front as well! She is currently a part of many NGOs and organizations that work for social causes!

Raveena Tandon has shown up her support for these social causes not only through fieldwork, but through her social media as well! Raveena had recently posted in support of the farmers of the country! The tweet said,

Full Respect to these Farmers🙏🏻who sticking to their protest and distributing their produce to the POOR and NEEDY! I salute their big hearts at time of crisis!#respect #JaiJawanJaiKisan I pray that their demands are met soon! our annadaatas should be revered instead of neglect

Her tweet was a controversial one and did grab alot of attention! There were mixed kind of reactions from the people over her tweet! On one side, the people supported her over this gesture of hers while others did protest against a certain points she had put up over her social media! Amidst all theses reactions, there was a special kind of reaction she received for her tweet!

There was one tweet that was a marriage proposal for Raveena! The tweet read, “Would you marry with me.

While how the other actors or actresses could have chosen to ignore this tweet, Raveena decided to rather not ignore and reply to the tweet and what a commendable reply that was!

Raveena tweeted, “Sorry yaar , you are 13 years late in asking ..

Absolutely Bang On Raveena!

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