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8 Oversize Actresses Who Are Ruling The Industry Despite Being Fat

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. However, there are rarely people who believe this. We have a preconceived notion that the slim, fair and tall makes one beautiful. We have often seen celebrities getting trolled for their weight. If we look at the number of incidents of body shaming, it makes us wonder if beauty is everything rather than the talent.

However, there are several oversize actresses who have proved everyone wrong. These plus size beauties are ruling the entertainment industry with their talent inspiring many in the process. Today, we are going to talk about such actresses.

1. Anjali Anand

She is one of the most popular models turned actress, who made her debut in TV series titled Dhai Kilo Prem.

2. Delnaz Irani

She has entertained the audience with her amazing performances in the television as well as the film industry.

3. Rytasha Rathore

She became a household name after playing the lead in popular daily soap Bado Bahu.

4. Bharti Singh

She is regarded as comedy queen in India. Bharti has been making everyone laugh with her impeccable comedy timing.

5. Chandani Bhagwanani

One of the most popular actresses of Indian television industry, she made her debut with TV series titled Amita Ka Amit.

6. Vahbiz Dorabjee

Popular Parsi beauty is known for her role in Pyar Ki Ek Kahani and Bahu Hamari Rajnikanth.

7. Akshaya Naik

She rose to fame for her role in Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai. She is also a trained dancer and voice artist.

8. Pushtiie Shakti

She is known for her role in popular TV show Mahi Way. She is one actress who made curve new trend.

They have redefined the meaning of beauty with their powerful performances. They are an inspiration to many and will keep inspiring people for several years. Their status and popularity in showbiz business prove that size doesn’t matter.

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