7 Bollywood Celebs And Their Weird Phobias

celeb-fbFear is an emotion which does not discriminate between anyone, tall or short, black or white. Bollywood celebrities are demigods to most of us, with perfection and strength running in their veins. In fact, fear is one emotion which brings everyone to a common ground. We think these celebs are born lucky and blessed with an excellent destiny, but at the end of the day, they remain human like just us. In fact, they are one step ahead and have some really interesting phobias. Let’s find out what it is …..
Alia BhattDarknessalia-bhatt-featuredCute, chubby and the youngest celeb of Bollywood, Aliya Bhatt is so anxious about the dim that she lays down with a faint light exchanged on! Alia Bhatt fears darkness and this is the reason she sleeps with dim lights on. 
Celina JaitleyButterfliescelina-jaitleyCelina is scared of one of the most beautiful creations of god – butterflies. According to her mom Indeed, she is petrified to the point, that she about tumbled off a bluff when a butterfly drew close to her!
Vidya BalanCatsvidya-balanThe Manjolika of Bollywood, Vidya Balan is petrified of cats. Vidya Balan is so paranoid of cats that she just leaps away at the sight of one! She loses her calm whenever there is something related to cats. 
Tanisha MukherjeeLive Audiencetanishaa-mukherjee-1Indeed, who amongst us hasn’t had stage dread? Be that as it may, well. Tanisha Mukherjee is phobic about performing live. Tanisha Mukherjee still hasn’t outgrown hers! Perhaps this could be one of the reasons behind her still being an unknown personality in Bollywood.
Sonam KapoorElevatorsalia-bhattSonam Kapoor has confessed to having a phobia of riding elevators! This girl is quite famous for her iconic style but her phobia highlights her more. She always takes the elevator, whenever possible but most probably always chooses to climb staircases.  
Arjun KapoorCeiling Fansarjun-kapoorBollywood Gunda Arjun Kapoor fears ceiling fans. Arjun Kapoor is really afraid of ceiling fans! In fact, he is so scared of them, that he doesn’t have a single one of those at his place and also tries them to avoid wherever he goes.
Katrina KaifTomatoeskatrina-kaifKatrina Kaif turned down a million dollar offer for a ketchup advertisement because she has a weird phobia about tomatoes. So apparently, Katrina Kaif absolutely cannot tolerate tomatoes around her! After her stint in YZNMD, shoot with tomatoes actually worsened her fear

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