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6 Times It Proved That We Love Bromance More Than Romance

We present you with some list of bromance movies and web-series ,which are highest ranked by the fans and are loved by enormous masses.these movies and web-series proved that they are funny,amazing,and are heartfelt stories which depicts a close relationship between the lead male characters and are stronger and tested relationships than romance between a male and a female.the list includes some of the exceptional and extraordinary guy movies and web-series ,which have time and now, left a mark in our hearts and there are even some which made the men shed tears.

1) 3 idiots
13823646_1072719492810374_1316418203_nIt is a film that revolves around the embarking journey of two friends who are searching for their long lost friend after a bet which gave them a chance to face off each other later then.during their college days ,the two of them,Farhan and Raju create a great bond with Rancho, who had a fresh and genius outlook to life ,studies and education and had a brilliant philosophy to achieve success.on their journey to find Rancho, They revisit college days and recall their tickling the bone memories of their lost friend who taught them to approach differently, Despite of they being called idiots.the movie was excellent,entertaining and a brainchild of Rajkumar Hirani and was inspired by the Chetan Bhagat’s Novel ‘Five Point Someone’. This perfect bromance has tremendously laid a strong impact to the audiences an will be the most remembered bromances.

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