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6 Aspects Of Riteish And Genelia’s Life That Are Interesting To Explore

They depict one of the most adorable couples, not only in bollywood but among all the happiest and beautiful ones you have seen or can imagine about. Recently the couple started their life as parents when this cutie pie actress gave birth to a baby boy. Here are few of the things from their love life as of how it began, what they faced and how they ended up being each other’s for life. You might not be aware of  many of these but would certainly love to have the knowledge about.

1.  He admires the positive energy in Genelia.

Riteish always brags about the contagious energy that is possessed by his better half. He feels lucky to be around such a person who can turn the entire negative scenario upside down through her positive attitude. She knows the art of spreading happy vibes both off screen and on screen.

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