These 5 Fans Who Were Lucky To Marry Their Favorite Celebs

It is certainly a dream to see your favorite celeb standing right in front of you. Moreover, it is pure luck to marry your favorite celeb. It feels like one of our favorite stars that we see from far away is blessed to us as a gift by the almighty. Everything feels so good and it feels like ringing bells to ears.

What if you marry your favorite Bollywood personality? It surely feels out of this world. Well, things are not always fantasy and sometimes come true in the lives of a few lucky ones. Bollywood industry has always been known for dating people from their own genre. However, some stars have gone out of their normal way to marry their fans! Yes, there are a few to name, who are happily settled with their fans.


  1. Rajesh Khanna and Dimple Kapadia

Dimple was only 16 and Rajesh Khanna was 15 years elder to her when they tied the knot together. Dimple couldn’t deny the fact that she was a huge fan of this veteran actor. The best day of Dimple’s life was to see Rajesh Khanna proposing her for marriage. There was no looking back then. It is a sad fact to believe that although they got married mutually, the marriage did not last for more than 9 years.

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