5 Bollywood Celebrities Who Run Away Secretly In Order To Get Married!

  1. Asha Bhosle and Ganpatrao Bhosle
    This May Be The Star In Asha Bhosle’s Biopic!

    Love doesnot see age, money fame. It just when it wasn’t expected at a wrong time which makes everything right. Love rang the door of  India’s famous singer  Asha Bhosle, whe she was just 16 year old. She fell in love with a man who nearly 31. In other words she fell in love with a man who 15 year elder than her. He was  Lata Mangeshkar’s personal secretary. Asha’s family didn,t gave approval to their relation and hence duo eloped and got married. Though marrige didnot lasted for long and Asha came back and later married  to renowned music composer R.D. Burman in 1980.

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