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27-Year-Old Muslim Man Keeps This Ram Temple Clean, Proves Faith Sees No Boundaries

In what comes as the best example of how faith and devotion have no boundaries, this 27-year-old Muslim man Saddam Hussein is taking care of a Ram Temple in Bengaluru.

When Ram Navami comes close, the Ram temple sees an increase in the devotees at its gates. According to the report of ANI, Saddam Hussein works at the temple and keeps it clean during rush hour. He finds peace whenever he is at the temple.

The report further adds that Saddam comes to the Ram Temple every year before Ram Navami and keep it clean. An office bearer of the temple committee, Venkatesh Babu handed over this responsibility when he first came.

According to ANI, the tension between Hindu and Muslim doesn’t have any effect on his dedication towards his work at the temple.

“I am a Muslim by birth and have been working in the temple from the last 3 years. I feel good and it gives peace of mind. I take care of complete cleaning. No one has ever objected to it.”

This is a true incident that proves love always wins over hate. So spread love and keep everyone happy around you. His heartwarming work at the temple is a prime example of religious unity.

Kudos to Saddam Hussein for his beautiful work!

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