20 Cheesy Pick-Up Lines That Are Hilarious Yet Appreciative

The dating game has become a bit overwhelming. You have to be good looking or a flattering talker. If you are not either of those then it might be not easy. You just need to polish your skills to break the ice and have a good time and that’s when the pickup lines come in a vital role. At least you’ll get a good smile, if not a love.

Here are 20 most original, ordinary, and outrageous lines to start a conversation!

(On a serious note: Please don’t use any of these, ever.)

For the one who can predict the future. And picture a togetherness in imagination in crush’s mind.

I’m not a photographer,
but I can picture me and you together.

For the magician because of his/her magic makes everyone else disappears because the lover is so engrossed in them.

Are you a magician?
Because whenever
I look at you,
everyone else disappears!

For the religious flirt and that is so cute.

Are you religious?
Because you’re the answer to all my prayers.

For the one who’s sick! and his/her crush’s present light up them.

For some reason,
I was feeling a little off today.
But when you came along,
you definitely turned me on.

And that’s called forgetful man but also smart

I seem to have lost
my phone number.
Can I have yours?

For the one who maps his way into his crush’s heart.

I’m lost. Can you give me
directions to your heart?

For a smooth talker who can win a heart by his words.

Are you a parking ticket?
‘Cause you’ve got
fine written all over you.

For the athlete who attempts to run into your mind all the time

Are you sure you’re not tired?
You’ve been running through
my mind all day.

For the one who escalates quickly when his/her crush pass by near.

Is there an airport nearby or
is it my heart taking off?

For the one who would knock you damn down!

Was your dad a boxer?
Because damn,
you’re a knockout!

For the cheesy lover who can mesmerise you by his cheesy words.

I was wondering if you
had an extra heart.
Mine was just stolen.

For the curious one.

Aside from being sexy,
what do you do for a living?

For someone whose words are heavenly.

Hi, how was heaven
when you left it?

For the one with the idea of ‘love at first sight’.

Do you believe in love
at first sight or should
I pass by again?

For the one who likes explosives.

Is your dad a terrorist?
Cause you’re a bomb.

For the dinosaurs lover and who live in a fantasy world.

Kiss me if I’m wrong,
but dinosaurs still
exist, right?

For the guy who loves to follow girls home.

Can I follow you home?
Cause my parents
always told me to
follow my dreams.

For the geek. Who finds his partner perfectly complete in the way she/he is.

Is your name Google?
Because you have everything
I’ve been searching for.

For the one who believes himself to be a genie and let her dream of together comes true.

I may not be a genie,
but I can make yours
dreams come true.

For the one with the idea of forever and create nothing into something.

If nothing lasts forever,
will you be my nothing?

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