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13 Stars Who Are Obsessed With Something Or The Other

So every now and then we encounter people who have special affinity for a particular thing. This affinity sometimes reaches to a level of craziness and hence becomes an obsession for the person. Even you must be obsessed with something. Bikes, Jewellery, Food, Travelling etc etc makes up the list of all the things a person can be obsessed with.

Our bollywood stars do not lag behind. They are not just self obsessed beings, who care for themselves but have passion for various other materialistic items and joys.

Here is a list of 13 actors who have crazy obsessions.


Desi girl is very much obsessed with shoes. It is an established fact that being a glamour doll, she has to look after her appearance from tip to toe. This actress is so particular about her looks that she does not leave a black-hole. When it comes to shoes, she prefers to wear the pairs best complimenting her dress. Her closet is full of the beautiful shoes from all brands.



You won’t have to think twice before spotting out that Vidya is obviously obsessed with Saris. She has a collection of 800 sarees which is cherished by her. She prefers to wear pieces from her collection instead of opting any designer dress or western outfit whenever she has to go for a personal event or social gathering. Despite being a leading actress of the western influencesd movie industry, she has successfully carried the culture along with the progressive attitude.



The superstar of bollywood is crazy about blue jeans. Around 1500 pairs of blue denims decorates his wardrobe.He loves to wear it in combination with formal blazers or casual tee.



This is although a kind of weird obsession but our queen loves to decorate her body with tatoos. A sword, a cross with wings, an angel are some of the signs that can be seen inked on her body.



He owns a huskin Persona and that very well talks about the obsession he has for bikes. John is an adventurous soul and is passionate about super bikes. His interest lies is racing hence he keeps himself updated about the newest launches in the market. Being a superstar who earns handsome money, he can of course afford it as well.



She has not earned the title of Fashion diva of the bollywood just like that. She has that charm to enhance the beauty of every dress she wears. Yes! Sonam Kapoor loves to collect and wear fashion attires from all brands. She loves experimenting with her looks which most of the time turns out into the trend for the rest of the country to follow.



Love towards watches signifies a strong and punctual personality. Bipasha very well fits the criteria being a wrist-watch obsessed being. She loves wearing it and owns expensive watches from various companies.



Now that is a typical girl characteristic. Amisha Patel is in habit of carrying a handbag or more precisely we can call it her obsession. Se owns every sort of the handbags available in various colors. She has a matching bag for almost every dress she possess.



Black can make any guy look hot and perhaps is the reason for the intense looks this actor uses to win over the hearts. Every now and then he can be seen wearing black Armani suits. He also own fast cars that are black in color.



Sounds strange? In fact it is but does not matter. The Dabangg actor is inclined towards soaps and perfumes. Basically he prefers the herbal stuff. Salman is known to spend a lot on his obsession.



Ms. Universe is a big time shopaholic. Her leisure time activity comprises of shopping and shopping. She loves to explore every new shopping hub and experiment with her looks. She has great love for shoes in particular.



That is indeed a good quality to be concerned about the cleanliness but being a cleanliness obsessed soul might become freaky. Preity zinta cannot tolerate a speck of dirt around her. She cannot bear the filthy conditions of the toilets and  avoids using it.



Another actor who is obsessed with the tattoos is Sanjay baba. He is a very concerned about his body fitness and hence loves to flaunt it as well. He has many tattoos adorning is body.



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