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10 Unknown Facts About Ramayana That Will SHOCK Anyone

Written by Valmiki, Ramayana is one of the most popular epic books in the country. The holy book revolves around the ideal life of Lord Rama. It teaches us how to live our life. Indians are aware of most of the stories in the book either by reading the book or watching the TV series. However, there are some unknown facts that are rarely known to anyone about this epic book.

We bring you 10 unknown facts about Ramayana that will shock you.

1. Ram had a sister.

Lord Ram had an elder sister Shanta.

2. The reason Ravan had 10 heads

Ravan is the main antagonist of the book. We all know that he was a very loyal Lord Shiva Devotee. In order to please his lord, he sacrificed his head which grew up again. He did this ten times. This is why Lord Shiva gave him all of his ten heads.

3. Original Lanka King is not Ravan

Kuber was the one who created Lanka for himself. However, his step-brother Ravan attacked him and took the palace from him.

4. Laxman was the spirit of Shesh Naag

We all know that Ram was an incarnation of Vishnu, but did you know that Laxman was the deity of Shesh Naag.

5. Laxman didn’t sleep during the exile

Here is another shocking detail from Ramayana. Laxman didn’t sleep for 14 years of Exile. He did so by asking the Goddess of sleep Nindra so that he could take care of Rama and Sita during the entire time of exile.

6. Bali Killed Krishna in his next birth

Krishna was killed by a hunter Jara, who was a reincarnation of Bali.

7. Ram’s words were the reason for Laxman’s death.

While meeting with Yam, Ram said that anybody who would intercept the meeting will get death punishment. Unfortunately, Laxman entered the room during the meeting. In order to keep the promise made by his brother, he claimed his life.

8. The reason Hanuman is called Bajrangbali

Sita had told Hanuman that she puts vermilion aka sindoor on her head for the long and healthy life of Lord Rama. After hearing the same, Hanuman put vermilion on his entire body for the long life of Ram. Sindoor is also known as Bajrang in Hindi. This is the reason Hanuman is called Bajrangbali.

9. This is how Squirrels got the white stripes.

You must have seen the white stripes on the back of squirrels. It so happened that squirrels also wanted to help when monkeys were making Ram Setu. Due to their strength, the squirrels carried sands. Monkeys started laughing after seeing the same. However, Ram was all praise for the squirrel for their dedication and cuddled the back of the squirrel. That’s when stripes appeared as the sign of Ram’s fingers.

10. Surparnkha wanted Ravan dead

Surparnkha wanted Ravan dead because he killed her husband Dushtabuddhi.

Which is the most surprising for you? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section down below.

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