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10 Things That You Must Know About Late Pakistan Sensation Qandeel Baloch

Qandeel Baloch, touted to be the first social media star of Pakistan, has been in the negative limelight from a long time. Media has portrayed her in a bad light and even people were unhappy with her raunchy social media videos. In spite of all this, she never let herself down and always come up something new for her social fans. She was truly a sensation on social media but her parents didn’t liked her new lifestyle. Her brother use to threaten her to spot posting videos and photos on social media but she never listened. Eventfully, her younger brother Waseem strangled her to death while she was in sleep on Friday night.



Here we have ensemble a list of top 10 Things that You Need to Know about Late Qandeel Baloch:

  1. Qandeel Baloch’s real name was Fouzia Azeem. Born on March 1, 1990, She is even called as the first social media celebrity of Pakistan.


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