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10 Rules of Modern Dating all men should be aware of to strengthen their dating game in 2019

If you’re looking for someone to date or fall in love with in 2019, your timing couldn’t be perfect. I don’t just mean that because it’s a brand new year and it’s still the beginning, Technology and new ideas about sex and gender have dramatically changed the laws of love, from who pays for dinner to how long to wait to call after a date. Many things change as time marches on. Slavery was abolished, the man went to the moon, phones and tech became portable, the internet brought us closer. But through all this change everyone still enjoys having sex.

An important pre-requisite to having sex is the dating game, which too has changed in recent years, and is certainly not what it used to be even a decade ago.

Here are our 10 rules of modern dating all men should at least be aware of in 2019:

(1) Confidence Not Cockiness

To make sure that you are confident without being cocky in the long run you have to consistently “check yourself”. Confidence is eternal, but a cocky person is an entitled brat, with insecurities. Right out of the gate, let’s establish that confidence is a quality that is a must-have if one is going to seek out the correct partner.

(2) Get Bumble

As far as dating apps go, Tinder has been a mainstay for quite some time. For those of you living under a rock, there now exist apps that allow us to carousel prospective suitors/matches with a flick of a fingers. On Bumble, women find your profile, swipe to like, and must initiate the conversation with the men of their liking.

(3) Be Honest & Transparent

This is an old trope. But it is a golden one too. If you, like many others, enjoy the thrill and stress of dating multiple partners simultaneously, it will be far easier to manage the several women in your life if you are honest.

Be honest about your intentions and feelings, if she reciprocates and accepts you for you – amazing.

(4) Be Interesting By Developing Your Personality

Being unique is not as tough as might think. Work on becoming a well-rounded person. Go travel, experience different cuisines, have unique capabilities, go for a cross-country drive, take a yoga class, climb a mountain; be a connoisseur of life. Do things that give you more depth as an individual.

(5) Get Creative With Dates

Drinks and dinner is classic, but boring. Think out of the box when planning your dates; breakfast in pyjamas and a live music show. The point is, be bold with your choices.

(6) Humour Goes A Long Way

A good sense of humour is a trait that increases your viability as a long-term partner. Most importantly, though, if it doesn’t go well, you’ll know how to laugh it off!

(7) Be In Shape & Dress Well

Well, in line with our opinion of confidence, a fit physique will also help overcome any perceived insecurities when approaching women. Simply put, if you dress and feel like a million bucks, others will want to know what’s in your cup too.

(8) Practice Makes Perfect

The entire saying is ‘perfect practice makes perfect’. Since perfection in the dating game is unknowable, it is best to keep the charm on as often as you can.

(9) Don’t Make Assumptions

Do not assume anything. We mean anything. Don’t assume she’s looking to be monogamous. Don’t assume she drinks. Do NOT assume anything!

(10) Chivalry 2.0

The line between chivalry and chauvinism has been blurred. A sensitive topic nowadays with all the #MeToo horror stories, some men have developed a genuine apprehension to dating with respect to how we should behave.





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