10 High-Octane Chase Sequences In Bollywood Films That Are Truly Epic

Bollywood films cannot be completed without a chase scenes. Often we have seen during the end time of Bollywood movies, Villain runs for life and hero chases him to kill and eventually the film ends with a good climax. So chase is the crucial elements in the Indian movies which the filmgoers loved since the early cinematic decades. Today we have ensemble a list of stunning chase scenes in Bollywood movies.

Top 10 High-Octane Chase Sequences In Bollywood:

  1. Sholay


There is a scene in the Sholay where Basanti is followed by Gabbar’s henchmen and then the way Dhanno runs is certainly a treat to watch. This chase scene is one of the best in the Technicolor movies era.

“Chal Dhanno aaj teri Basanti ki ijjat ka sawal hai”

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