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10 Amazing Facts About Kim Jong-Un

As we all know the famous Kim Jong-Un is the dictator of North Korea. Here are some interesting facts about him.

1. Under Kim Jong-Un role it is the year 104 in North Korea.

North Korean’s follow the Juche Calender. It was introduced in the year 1997. They celebrate their New Year on April 15 – Kim II Sung’s birth date.

2. Kim Jong-Un’s aunt advisss him on foreign policies.

He trusts his 67 years old aunt Kim Kyong-Hui on foreign policies. She also met Chinese diplomats on his behalf.

3. His Half-brother was most likely to be succeed Kim Jong II

Kim Jong-Nam was most likely to succeed Kim Jong II but, his obsession for cartoons cost him loose the throne. His obsession was so high that he even attempted to enter Tokyo, Japan in order to visit Tokyo Disneyland in 2001.

4. On Hillside a 550m long message is carved praising Kim Jong-Un

At 550m hillside a 15 charactered message praising Kim Jong-Un and his regime translates, “Long Live General, the Shining Sun!”

5. He is the only general in the world without any military experience.

Kim Jong-Un the head of military of North Korea comprising of 1,190,000 active military personnel and nuclear weapons that can destroy whole country has no military experience.

6. His favourite drink is Johnnie Walker Wisky.

Kim Jong-Un’s former chef disclosed the information that he imports Johnnie Walker Wisky every year from Scotland.

7. Kim Jong-Un’s best friend is Dennis Rodman.

Kim Jong-Un has a soft corner for basketball. He consider former basketball player, NBA-star Dennis Rodman among his best friend.

8. In the year 2012, he was voted as sexiest man alive.

Just joking!

The Onion, a satirical magazine put his name on the top lf their list. Chinese media however was unable to understand the sattire and eventually started writing stories about Kim Jong-U  being the world’s sexiest man in 2012.

9. He hand selected the first North Korean All-Female Pop Group.

The first all female pop band of North Korea, the Moranbong was specifically hand picked by the supreme commander of North Korea.

10. He wanted everyone to grieve his father’s death whole heartedly.

According to sources Deputy defence minister of North Korea Kim Chol was imprison under “insufficient grieving” during the funeral of Kim Jong II.

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