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Zomato Is Killing It With Its Advertisements And Twitter Is All Praises For Them

Advertisements are one of the essential parts of marketing. Creating catchy and innovative ads that connect with the audience helps the particular brand to expand its reach. You must have heard of Zomato if you love eating. Zomato is a leading food app, which provides all kinds of information you need for particular restaurants. Its food delivery is also very quick. The app also tells its users all the available dishes with the price. The company has found a really innovative yet catchy way to promote its brand.

Zomato is known for some very funny ads, the brand has its own league when it comes to advertising. The ads of Zomato are very interesting and awesome. Some of the best creative marketing techniques are being used by the company. You must have seen some of the hoardings and billboards. The slogans written on these billboards are bound to attract your attention.

A popular food blogger Akshar Pathak shared pictures of some of the most catchy billboards of Zomato advertisements.

Check out the Pictures:

He shared the photo on his Twitter handle with a caption that reads, “Hey guys, we at @Zomato (me mostly, I’m a great team player) have been working on some outdoor ads. If you spot one in your city, please share a picture with us (me). Thanks!”

Twitter never fails to amaze, as netizens started to give their suggestion pretty quickly. Here is what they are saying:


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