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Zareen Khan opened about her struggle to survive in the B-town!

The Veer actress, Zareen Khan has made a name for herself in the industry only by working hard. She is waiting for work to resume like everyone else out there due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Coronavirus has caused much tension and anxiety among many. People has lost their jobs and struggling to meet their daily expenses. Actress Zareen Khan, in a recent interview, has opened up  how she feels stressful and explained her struggles to survive in Bollywood.

Zareen said, “These people have to run their kitchen,pay their rents. With the economy being hit so badly due to the pandemic,those who have lost their source of income are obviously stressed and worried.” She further added, “Thankfully,I am with my family in such stressful times. But I am also worried about my finances,I have to start working. Imagine my source of income comes from a place where nothing is certain. You never know when you will get work more so if you are an outsider. Star kids and people who are friends get everything easily. I feel bad that I am not given a chance to show whether I have the potential or not.”

The actress thanked Bollywood superstar Salman Khan to give her a chance to enter the industry. “It has been tough. When Veer (2010) didn’t do well,people blamed me for it. At that time I was new,unpolished I might have make mistakes but no one understood. I soon became the soft target. Getting work after that was difficult. Salman changed my life. But people think he got me all films in my career. That’s wrong. He just gave the entry after that I was on my own.In fact,when nothing was working out he trusted me again with the song ‘character dheela’.”

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