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World’s Highest Paid Athletes List Is Out, Virat Kohli Is Only Player From India, Check Out Who Tops The List!

Sports are the best form of entertainment. The thrill of watching sports can’t be matched with anything. As of now, we all know the sportsperson earn huge money. Now, Forbes has issued the list of “World’s Highest-Paid Athletes 2018”. However, only one player from our country made it to the list. it is none other than Indian Skipper Virat Kohli, who is the only cricketer who can even get a mention in the list of highest paid athletes in the world.

Indian skipper Virat Kohli is one of the most popular crickets in the world, who earns lots of money from his cricket and endorsements deals. He is the only Indian player, who has been able to feature in the Forbes list of “World’s Highest-Paid Athletes 2018”. The skipper took the 83rd position with total earnings of $24 million (which is equal to Rs. 160 Crore). American boxer Floyd Mayweather took the top spot with total earnings of $285 million (Rs. 1,905 Crore).

Top 10 Highest Paid Athletes In The World 2018:

1. Floyd Mayweather (Boxing): $285 million (Rs. 1,905)

2. Lionel Messi (Football): $111 million (Rs. 742 Crore)

3. Cristiano Ronaldo (Football): $108 million (Rs. 721 Crore)

4. Conor McGregor (Mixed Martial Arts): $99 million (Rs. 662 Crore)

5. Neymar (Football): $90 million (Rs. 601 Crore)

6. LeBron James (Basketball): $85.5 million (Rs. 571 Crore)

7. Roger Federer (Tennis): $77.2 million (Rs. 516 Crore)

8. Stephen Curry (Basketball): $76.9 million (Rs. 514 Crore)

9. Matt Ryan (American Football): $67.3 million (Rs. 450 Crore)

10. Matthew Stafford (American Football): $59.5 million (Rs. 397 Crore)

83. Virat Kohli (Cricket): $24 million (Rs. 160 Crore)

Virat Kohli is the biggest brand in India with brand endorsements of several big brands like Puma, Audi, Pepsi.

Congrats to Virat Kohli for the new achievement.

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