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[Watch] Aamir Khan do the Bang Bang Dare!

by Murtaza Rangwala

Hrithik has already majority of stars from Bollywood. Seen as part of the promotions of his upcoming film ‘Bang Bang’, Hrithik has been challenging his friends from the industry. Hrithik has already dared Salman which is still pending but his dear friend Amir Khan has completed the dare.

Hrithik dared Amir to do his PK pose but with a twist. This time Amir was supposed to do it without the transistor. Well, both the challenge was readily accepted by Amir. Amir uploaded a video in which he took out the transistor but with his clothes on. The PK star did something smart here, didn’t he? Hrithik praised Amir’s clever performance in his tweet. This dare might have a positive effect on both Hrithik and Amir. Let us no see how does Salman perform his dare and what painting does he have in mind.

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